How Much

Very reasonable, affordable, friendly fees, and fair prices for locals. Enjoy a wonderful experience and boost local economy.

Tailor Made Programs: You can choose from 1 week to 6 months programs, combining any of the optional services that would fit your needs and preferences. Plan your travel. Make your own package combining any of our optional services. See some examples below. Contact for details.

Language & Culture Immersive Program: 3 weeks usd 1470, 4 weeks usd 1960, 5 weeks usd 2450. Sign up and details: Contact.

Regional Experience. Colonia, Uruguay: Colonia 1 usd 384, Colonia 2 usd 288, Colonia 3 usd 168. Sign up and details: Contact.

South Summer Program: usd 960. Sign up and details: Contact.

Running Tours: 1 hour tour usd 10,  1:30 hours tour usd 15, 2 hours tour usd 20, Special Offer: Running Tour+ stretching + Healthy Picnic usd 25. Run with locals. Lots of different routes! Sign up and details: Contact.

Check program’s details at What . More info and discounts Contact

Special offers for 2 or more people, friends, couples, families, groups. Longer packages are more convenient and can include more tours and trips. Fees include taxes. Send us your ideas and questions.

Our balance is to offer you valuable and affordable experiences and fair prices to locals.

There are no limits to what we can achieve together.

Tailor Made Programs examples:

precios actualizados

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