Listening. We want to hear from you.

Combining. Volunteer, intern, study, travel, share, relax, expand your world. We put together different elements in the balance that fits you, designing the specific program that can have a multiple positive impact for you and for locals.  Gain experience and perspective, put your knowledge into action, develop new skills, learn and practice Spanish, expand your education, boost your personal and social resources, improve your wellbeing, laid the foundation for your career, research, explore, travel differently, refresh, make friends, make a difference, enjoy.

Matching  you with a host organization where you can thrive by helping them thrive. There are lots of things to do and ways to get involved. We match you with a local project where you can combine your dreams, skills and goals with other’s dreams, needs and perspectives, so you can do what you love where is needed. There are lots of different reasons and motivations for volunteering abroad. We are committed to making yours work for you and for our community.

Facilitating all the info, tools, activities, tours and trips, insight and support to make your stay meaningful, enjoyable and enriching.

Being present and open. To the cross cultural experience and the mutual enrichment.

Listening again. To your feedback and your host family and organization feedback, so we can all learn and reflect, and improve the whole thing for future visitors and for locals.

You’ve got your own way of traveling. Learning & Sharing. Contributing & enjoying.
We give you the opportunity to enhance it & make it shine.

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