Local Coordinator

Hi! I’m Lorena, your Program Coordinator. I’m a Sociologist, I run, I love animals and nature, I have a huge loving family and very good friends. I’m a morning person. I love reading. I believe in combinations, in creating new things rather to feel forced to choose between the already available options when we know they aren’t good enough. I have lived most of my life in Buenos Aires but also in Mendoza and Montevideo. I have always worked in intercultural experiences and learnt and enriched so much from them that I want everyone to enjoy them. I’m sure we can all learn from each other, share, put ourselves in perspective, grow. When we do things together, like contributing to a project, we overcome mutual prejudices, we watch other people’s values in action, we build bonds, empathy, reciprocity, respect, peace.

I’ve met people from everywhere, I have interviewed around 80 people per year, placed them in meaningful projects and internships, we have ran together, danced tango, gone to the movies, visited places, we volunteered together, we have cooked for each other, we shared picnics, short trips, long talks. I’ve organized lots of group activities: fund raising events, music festivals, communal organic gardening days, tree planting, solidarity trips to isolated rural communities, women football games for social integration, we have repaired spaces to make them accessible, safer, nicer. We have all ended up happy, surprised of ourselves, of each other and others, renewed, fulfilled, connected, motivated to keep doing and learning.

I have volunteered since I was 13, in a Natural Reserve, a Buddhist Temple, for Health care and education for isolated communities, Fair Trade, Children, Research for NGOs services, Education, Environmental projects, Social Inclusion, Food and Social Gastronomy. I’ve been the Local Director of an International Internships Program, I have organized and coordinated an Scandinavian Volunteering Program, and created and coordinated an American Volunteering Program for 12 years. I want to make a difference, and I hope my experience can be helpful. I have learnt to work in all kinds of situations (big and well organized NGOs, small ones with very little economic resources and little experience), to deal with unexpected changes, to share team-work and to lead people from different backgrounds (various nationalities and cultures and skills), to create everybody winning situations, to be careful with other’s expectations, to plan-organize-coordinate- supervise many volunteers and interns work and abroad experiences, to put myself in other people’s shoes, to organize priorities and distinguish between short-medium-long term needs and objectives and what require each of them, to improve clear and honest communication, with co-workers, students, volunteers, interns, NGOs, and facilitate it between them, to listen, to observe and encourage. In the whole process I’m both a leader and a learner, from all visitors and their different perspectives, from the NGOs, from our experiences together and the ways we find to make it work, to overcome mutual preconceptions and realize how many goals we’ve got in common and how much we can all learn from the best of each other and from our mistakes. It’s fascinating. I want to use all this experience and to keep on learning and contributing to connect people with people to do positive stuff together.


Check out some tips, stories and experiences about this in my blog https://guialoreta.com/

More info about my experience https://www.linkedin.com/in/lorena-bouret/

Cellph. +54911 5718 7198

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