We offer Tailor Made Programs in Argentina, all year round, 1 week to 1 semester, and 1 week South Summer Program in December and March (our summer), to clean the Beach and protect the Ocean. And now we offer 2 NEW amazing opportunities!! : Immersive Program and Regional Experience.

NEW : Language & Culture Immersive Program to learn and practice lots of Spanish in all kinds of environments and situations: casual, friendly, daily life, working, having fun, sharing with locals. Get involved, gain skills,  experience and perspective Volunteering in selected meaningful projects. Stay with locals to enhance your Spanish practice and share and learn about our Culture. Discover the city and its diversity and cultural richness. 

  • Immersive Program3 weeks usd 1470, 4 weeks usd 1960, 5 weeks usd 2450.
  • Pick up at the Airport
  • Welcome home made lunch
  • Home Stay with local host/s, including breakfast, sheets and towels
  • Intensive Spanish Course,  according to your Spanish Level
  • Volunteering Placement: proper match, application, orientation, follow up, certificate.
  • Local Supervisor. 24/7 support
  • Running or walking tours in Spanish to discover the nicest open areas in the city
  • Cultural Activities Info
  • Easy package: public transport card, local cellphone chip, free bikes
  • Optional: Combine with a Colonia Program at a very special price.
  • Sign up, info and discounts Contact

NEW  Regional Experience: Buenos Aires Argentina + Colonia Uruguay: You can combine any of our Programs with one Colonia Program. This is your opportunity to visit another country in the region, keep on practicing Spanish, and enjoying outdoors and lots of activities with locals and other visitors. Stay at the most beautiful countryside house, with TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence: La Casa de los Limoneros https://www.facebook.com/lacasadeloslimoneros/http://www.lacasadeloslimoneros.com/Enjoy the views, gardens and fields, the beach, the swimming pool and the Old Historic City. Share home made meals, sports, Arts Workshops, and organic gardening. Specially affordable prices for our volunteers!

  • Colonia 1. Volunteering. Monday to Friday morning. Fee including taxes usd 384.
  • Port transfers
  • Private room and bathroom, sheets and towels.
  • Fresh and home made meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Tea and Dinner
  • Activities: 9 – 11 am Sports (running, swimming, trekking, football), 11am- 1 pm Volunteering: organic gardening (sowing and harvest), 1- 4 pm Lunch and rest, 4- 6 pm Volunteering: Pruning of lemon trees and then Tea, 6 to 8 pm: Arts Workshops (painting, photography, cinema debate, culture issues talks), 8 to 10 pm Dinner.
  • Thursday afternoon: Old Historic City Tour
  • Colonia 2. Volunteering. Monday to Friday morning. Fee including taxes usd 288.
  • Port transfers
  • Private room and bathroom, sheets and towels.
  • Fresh and home made meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Tea and Dinner
  • Activities: 9- 11 am: sports (running, swimming, trekking, football), 11- 1 pm Volunteering: organic gardening (sowing and harvest), 1pm- 2 pm Lunch, Free afternoons, 8 to 10 pm Dinner.
  • Thursday afternoon: Old Historic City Tour
  • Colonia 3. Cooking Intensive Workshop. Monday to Wednesday. Fee usd 168
  • Port transfers
  • Private room and bathroom, sheets and towels.
  • Fresh and home made meals:  Breakfast, Lunch, Tea and Dinner
  • Activities: Cooking Intensive Workshop. You will be learning to cook the fresh produce from the organic farm, different local recipes and using the clay oven and barbecue.
  • Sign up, info and discounts Contact

Our programs offer you the opportunity  to travel in a different way: live like a local and enjoy an authentic experience, while benefiting locals, combining Volunteering or Internships, home-stays, alternative tours and trips, Spanish courses, local coordinator.  We provide all the tools and support to make it easy, meaningful and enjoyable for you and for locals.

⇒Tailor Made Programs. Design your own Program. Our services include:

  • Placement: Volunteering and Internship opportunities  where you can get involved fast, gain experience, skills and perspective, make friends, refresh and make a difference. We have a huge networking of amazing organizations and will match you with your proper fit,  including the application process, introduction, info and tips, follow up, 24/7 support and certificate. You can choose between many different areas: education, ESL, children’s rights, social inclusion, community development, health, sustainability, food, youth, elderly people, mental health, homeless people, urban organic gardening, fair trade, LGBTQI, solidarity weekend trips, events & founds, photography. You can work a couple of hours a week, up to 20 hours a week, and even combine 2 different placements.
  • Previous info and orientation: We will give you all the orientation and info you need before arrival and once here, related to your stay and placement, specific interests and activities, locals and former visitors insights and recommendations.
  • Local Intercultural Coordinator: You will have a local experienced coordinator, that will introduce you to your placement and home stay, and will follow up during your whole program. You will receive all the info needed and 24/7 support. 
  • Airport transfer: We will pick you up at the airport and take you to your chosen accommodation.
  • Accommodation: You can rent an apartment or chose a homestay in order to share more with locals. All our houses are in the best neighborhoods and the hosts are nice, friendly and diverse, to fit different needs and preferences.
  • Spanish Lessons: You can get Spanish lessons, choose individual or group classes and intensive courses.
  • Buenos Aires alternative tours and activities: Enjoy the city and its surroundings  in any way you prefer, joining local activities and circles: wine clubs and fairs, non touristic gastronomic jewels, local writers tours, running groups and tracks, architecture and street art tours, cultural events, film festivals, tango and folklore classes.
  • ⇒Running Tours: Go sightseeing on your feet. Enjoy nature in the middle of Buenos Aires. Discover the most beautiful open areas in the city and its surroundings. We’ve got lots of routes to explore parks, lakes, the coast and different areas of interest. Run with locals and get another perspective of  this huge amazing city.  Running Tours are guided by local runners. Each Running Tour explores a different route, all chosen according to safety, beauty, areas of interest, and access to fresh water. They vary from 6 to 20 kms, can take from 1 to 2 hours, and can always be re-scheduled if they have to be canceled due to extreme weather conditions. Our goal is to enjoy the path: we adapt to different paces and we can stop for pictures, taking a look or whatever we want to make the best of it. We can show you different tracks where to train laps and recommend the coolest races in town, the whole country and the region. Adventure races are the best way to travel the most beautiful landscapes!  Fees are 1 hour tour usd 10, 1:30 hours tour usd 15, 2 hours tour usd 20. Special Offer: Running Tour+ stretching + Healthy Picnic usd 25.
  • Weekend trips to the most beautiful places in the country and the region: Patagonia, Salta, Mendoza, Misiones, Uruguay, Brasil. Very well organized so you can make the most of each.
  • Sign up, info and discounts Contact

⇒South Summer Program

Love the beach? Need some extra Summer? Join our South Summer Program in December or March☀️Enjoy our weather and wonderful coast and help us keep all plastics off the beach and the ocean.1 playa

South Summer Program is a teamwork of international volunteers of all ages and backgrounds collaborating for 1 week to clean up the beach and campaign for no single use plastics. Week after week, team after team, we will reach our goal together ♥♥

In the meantime, we enjoy the intercultural experience, we share, we learn from one another, and we exercise by plogging😊👍 It’s a total win win win.

South Summer Program includes.

  • Transfer: Buenos Aires-Costa Esmeralda/ Costa Esmeralda Buenos Aires
  • Huge beautiful house to share. With a nice garden and swimming pool. And wi-fi.
  • Home made Food, drinks and healthy snacks
  • Sheets and towels, and laundry
  • Sports: running track, tennis, golf
  • Volunteering experience: info, materials, Local Coordinator, Certificate
  • Enjoyable balance of teamwork and free time

⇒  Sign up, info and discounts Contact

We welcome students, families, friends, couples, from everywhere, all ages, backgrounds and cultures. Just people. To do positive stuff together and learn from each other. So we can all enjoy, give back, travel deeper, dream big and transform.

We are locals and we value your visit.

We are committed to make the best of it both for you and for our community.

We love good combinations. And we make them happen.



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  1. Definitely, a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the Argentine culture, managed by locals guaranteeing international standards, while volunteering on impactful initiatives. Also if you are looking for a beach getaway in a natural destination where you can do well, this is the best volunteer program ever and once in a life time experience! I highly recommend it!

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