Because we want to create, support and sustain everybody’s wining situations.

Your travel can be lots of fun, eye opening and enjoyable, while also benefiting others and your personal wellbeing and growth in the process. We believe in face to face international cooperation, and we have seen it doing amazing stuff.

We, people, can make things happen, make a difference, not just in things and causes and goals, but in ourselves and others. We know nobody is capable of doing everything, and that’s no excuse for doing nothing, ’cause everybody can do something, in so many different ways. Those ways  combined put into action and enhance some of our best human capacities: cooperation, empathy, learning, reciprocity. To ask yourself What can I contribute? it’s not just a responsibility but an opportunity to make yourself and others more valuable. To be part of a WE that takes advantage of those capacities and improves them. 

We want to facilitate and enrich your opportunity to travel, share and explore. To make it doable, helpful, fun, refreshing and very enjoyable, for you, for your host organization, for their beneficiaries, for all. This is our Local contribution for building a Global Community. 

Choose what stories to be part of


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